Refunds / Cancellations Policy


We guarantee customer satisfaction of the products, since all our products are developed in an iterative manner, with full-time client involvement and confirmation from the clients at every phase of development. We leave no stone unturned, to provide you the best products.

• In case you wish to cancel the contract, you can do that within 15 days of the initiation of the project or before 30% of the project development, whichever is earlier, with entire refund of the money.

• If you cancel the project after 15 days or after 30% of the project work is done, no refund of the amount paid, will be made.

• No refunds or cancellations will be entertained if the source code is shared with the customer. Hope you will empathize with us and value our time and effort that we invest for developing your projects, that suites best for your business.